Christian Education (February 2012)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:44 PM by Henry McTague

January has been a very cold month. Although the snow was slow in getting to us this winter, it is nice to finally have winter arrive. It is a great opportunity for families to do some fun activities outside. The fresh air and enjoyment of family time will create lasting memories. You will never regret the time spent with family and friends. When Nick and Jon were young, we would go sledding, snowshoeing or skiing. Those fun days will be with me forever and just thinking about them makes me smile. What are your favorite winter activities?

As I announced on Sunday, January 8th, I have made a very difficult decision to resign as CE Director effective June 30, 2012. On this date, I will have been in my position for 10 years. It has been a very exciting and fulfilling time to be involved in this ministry. It has given me an opportunity to develop skills through my training classes and to grow spiritually. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Church community and get to know everyone more intimately and spiritually. CE will always have a special place in my heart. With my announcement, the CE committee has begun the discussion on the future of CE and is seeking feedback from the Congregation to assist them. The goal is to have someone in place before I leave my position so that I can assist with acclimating him/her to their new role. This is a very exciting time in the church life. It gives us an open slate to move the CE programming to the next level.

If you are traveling, remember that the children get credit for Sunday school attendance if they attend another worship service and bring a bulletin or note to me. Children who miss 3 days or less of Sunday school will receive a book award on June 10th.

Since we are not holding a confirmation class this year, Pastor Gail and I have planned to review and revise the Confirmation process during the winter and spring of 2012. It is a great opportunity to determine what we like and what we would like to change to improve the process for the youth of our Church. For the youth and mentors that have participated in the program over the last 9 years, we will be looking for your feedback to assist us in the process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CE, please let me know.


Sheila Bennion,

Christian Education Director