Christian Ed Notes (June/July 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:37 PM by Henry McTague

Christian Education...

As June arrives, most of us are busy making our summer plans. Summer is a time for spending time with family and friends, picnics, summer parties and vacations. It is a time to revitalize and enjoy the warm weather. For many, it is a time to sleep in on Sunday mornings. I challenge each of you to plan to attend church at least once per month during the summer months.

To assist young families in attending church during the summer, CE has developed a summer Sunday school program involving a children’s garden. The children will be planting a garden on May 30th and will work on weeding, watering and picking the vegetables during summer Sunday school. Plan to have the kids come in their play clothes with bug spray and suntan lotion applied to work on the children’s garden. CE is still looking for several adults and older youth to assist with the summer program. Many hands make light work. If you can volunteer for one or more Sundays, please see sign up sheet on the CE bulletin board or speak with Lisa Townson.

Christian Education Sunday will be held on June 13th at both services. The children will lead the first service and the teachers will lead the second service. Hannah Stevens will give the sermon at the first service and Larry Kindberg will do the sermon at the second service. We will recognize the youth with certificates and plants. Book awards will be given to those who have missed three or less Sunday school classes. This year’s theme is Following Jesus. Please plan to attend and support the youth and teachers.

We are in the process of coordinating the secret pal program for this upcoming summer. This has been a great experience for everyone involved each summer. It is a wonderful opportunity for the church youth and adults to get to know one another. The children are also able to send letters to their secret pals through the church office. The postcard or letter must be stamped and marked in a way to know which child is sending the mail. Sally or I will then address the mail to send it to the secret pal. In the fall, we will have a get together for the youth and adults to meet one another.

Janet Lottmann is coordinating Vacation Bible School (VBS) again this year. The dates are July 12th through 16th. If you are interested in assisting with VBS this year, please see Janet Lottmann or email via leechurchucc (at) comcast (dot) net.

Julie Wojtkowski and Nancy MacLean are coordinating the nursery for next year. There is a sign up sheet on the nursery door for the summer’s one service nursery program through September 5th. Take a look and sign up where you can. It is a wonderful experience. Any questions, please give Julie or Nancy a call.

Recruitment for Sunday school teachers for next year is beginning. Many of the current teachers will be returning next year. We do have some opportunities for team teaching for the 3rd-5th grade class at the 8:30 AM service. What better way to support our youth and share your knowledge! If you are interested in teaching, please let me know. Experience is not a pre-requisite.

Mark your calendars: Regular Sunday school will begin on Sunday, September 12th with two services.


Sheila Bennion

Christian Education Director