Christian Ed (May 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:41 PM by Henry McTague
It is hard to belief that we are nearing the end of yet another year of Sunday school. It seems like only yesterday that we were starting the Sunday school year. It has been a wonderful year. We are blessed to have many wonderful volunteers that make our program possible. They each play an important role in the lives of our youth and adults.

Volunteer Appreciation: On Sunday, May 1, we will celebrate the CE volunteers during coffee hour. We will recognize all the volunteers that teach Sunday school, substitute teach, provide nursery care, mentor confirmands, teach communion classes, lead adult bible studies, serve on the CE board, chaperone the Mission trip and organize vacation bible school. The list goes on. Thank you is small words for the great appreciation for their hard work and dedication to make our program so cool.

Confirmation: Confirmation class will culminate on June 12th with Confirmation Sunday at the 10:30 AM service. The confirmands with assistance of their mentors are creating the service for their confirmation. It is amazing to see their dedication to the process and their enthusiasm in preparing their special service.

CE (Children’s) Sunday: CE Sunday will be held on June 12th at the 8:30 service lead by the children. We will recognize the youth with certificates. Book awards will be given to those who have missed three or less Sunday school classes.

Secret Pals: This was a great experience for everyone involved each summer. It is a wonderful opportunity for the church youth and adults to get to know one another. The children are also able to send letters to their secret pals through the church office. The postcard or letter must be stamped and a way to know which child is sending the mail. Sally or I will then address the mail to send it to the secret pal. In the fall, we will have a get together for the youth and adults to meet one another.

Vacation Bible School: Janet Lottman is coordinating Vacation Bible School (VBS) again this year. If you are interested in assisting with VBS this year, please let Janet Lottman know.

Nursery: Julie Wojtkowski and Nancy MacLean are coordinating the nursery for next year. There is a sign up sheet on the nursery door for the summer, one service nursery program. Take a look and sign up where you can. It is a wonderful experience. Any questions, please give Julie or Nancy a call.

Teacher Recruitment: Although we have a couple more months of Sunday school, recruitment for Sunday school teachers for next year is beginning. Many of the current teachers will be returning next year. We do have some opportunities for team teaching of classes at both services. What a better way to support our youth and share you knowledge! If you are interested in teaching, please let me know. Experience is not a pre-requisite.


Sheila Bennion

Christian Education Director