Christian Ed (February 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:40 PM by Henry McTague

Christian Education

January has been a very cold and snowy month. Although the snow was slow in getting to us this winter, it seems to have been nonstop since it started. It is a great opportunity for families to do some fun activities outside. The fresh air and enjoyment of family time will create lasting memories. You will never regret the time spent with family and friends. When Nick and Jon were young, we would go sledding, snowshoeing or skiing. Those fun days will be with me forever and just thinking about them makes me smile. What are your favorite activities?

If you are traveling, remember that the children get credit for Sunday school attendance if they attend another worship service and bring a bulletin or note to me. Children who miss 3 days or less of Sunday school will receive a book award on June 12th.

Confirmation classes began on January 9th. Over the next couple months, the children and mentors will be visiting the Bethany Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Dover Temple. It is exciting to experience the confirmands and mentors on their spiritual journey.

Lee Church Youth Group is selling Super Bowl subs again this year. Thanks to the generous support of the church, the youth group is able to reduce the costs of their functions for more youth to participate and to provide mission projects determined by the group. If you have a child in 6th through 12th grade that would like to get involved with the youth group, please see Michelle Rhoads or Stephanie Boucher.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CE, please let me know.


Sheila Bennion

Christian Education Director