April 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:04 AM by Lee Church

April 7

Communion Sunday



A Time for Every Matter

Prepare Palm Fronds

for Palm Sunday

April 14

Palm Sunday

Jesus’ Entrance to Jerusalem

Give it a Rest



Holy Week Poster

April 21

Easter Sunday



No Sunday school classes

April 28

Cafe Church



Activity available during service

Spring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner. Our students have joined you in the quest to slow their lives down a bit during lent. I hope they will use their beautiful God boxes at home to send their concerns to God.  These have been a simple way to remember that we are not alone in our troubles and there are some difficulties in our lives that Jesus handles for us. Please help your children use these as another way to connect with God regularly. The glitter jars and countdown books were a hit. My hope is that each student finds at least one of these a useful tool to slow down their lives and spend some time with God. 

We will continue to focus on slowing down through Easter. On April 7th we’ll create special crafts to use the following week during the Palm Sunday processional. We will review the important events of Holy Week in which can feel quite confusing for so much to happen in just one week of the church. The posters they can bring home can help them keep track of the moments that shaped Jesus’ final days at home with you.  Their increased understanding of that fateful week can help them appreciate the joy of Easter even more.