April 2017

posted Jun 23, 2017, 8:57 AM by Lee Church

During March we stepped in to Lent focusing on King Solomon and the book of Matthew. Our classes talked about different types of prayer, we went on a treasure hunt to learn about storing our treasures in heaven. The students looked at “The Golden Rule” by sharing doughnuts and cake. Many of our regular attendees have also had a chance to work on their Bible Bags. You’ll begin to see these appear in the sanctuary, keeping our students’ Bibles and Sunday school projects safe between church and home. I think you’ll enjoy the individual designs they have each created. Perhaps you can assist students near you in the pews as they thumb through their Bibles searching for our scripture readings. Following along in their Bibles during the readings will help them better engage with the messages we study each week, giving them a better jump start on our lessons in the classrooms.

Our high school class will continue to meet with Mr. Kindberg during the 8:30 service in classroom 3 to finish viewing and discussing the movie Risen as we approach our Easter celebrations. Mr. Kindberg’s movies and discussions are always a hit with our older students. They really appreciate the in depth conversations he inspires. Then we will continue those types of conversations as Judy Belanger, and Melanie and Shawn Banker return to their 2-3 classes a month with the high school class. It’s been wonderful to see our teens back in their youth room together. I have also appreciated watching several of them stepping up as ushers, readers, singers, and bell ringers, becoming full-fledged active members of our congregation. This month you’ll see more of our students contributing to our services in the sanctuary. Our Palm Sunday services will open with our students assisting the praise team and choir wave their palms to open that energy-filled service. The Youth Bell Choir will also perform at the 10:30 service that morning. On Easter Sunday, our Sunday school students will sing during the 9:00 service. It’s always wonderful to give our youngest members these opportunities to actively participate in our special church celebrations. They are truly an integral part of our congregation.

Enjoy the celebrations of spring!

 Jill Paré
 Director of Christian Education Lee Church Congregational