April 2015

posted Aug 19, 2015, 10:31 AM by Henry McTague

Our youth group would like to thank everyone who helped contribute to our dinner and silent auction. As our largest fundraiser for our summer work camp mission and Horton Center summer scholarships, we are really 
progressing towards our goals. It is truly invigorating to have our church family and the wider community join us in our efforts. Look for the opportunity to join us for our chili luncheon this month. We will also venture out for an 
afternoon of laser tag together in April. As we continue to mix their fun and work gatherings, our teens are strengthening their friendships with one another and learning how to serve God through helping others.

In Sunday school classes, students have also studied the important concepts behind the good Samaritan by understanding the value of sharing good deeds and taking care of others. Before joining the congregation for our monthly Communion, we participated in our own small meal filled with details about how our church’s tradition connects to last supper Jesus shared with his disciples. We found it valuable to discuss the important messages of this sacrament when we could more easily ask and answer questions together.

We hope you enjoy the variety of covers our classes designed for the bulletins you’ll receive at our Easter morning services. After examining the reasons behind the many symbols and images that surround us during this season, over 20 of our students colored or drew their favorite expressions of the new life Christ’s resurrection brought to us. It is truly a joy to experience the growing relationships these creative young people have with God. They are becoming such a wonderful gifts to our community of faith.


Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education