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Director Of Youth Ministries Search

posted Oct 16, 2019, 9:28 AM by Lee Church

Christian Formation and Nurture Ministry is working on adding a Director Of Youth Ministries to our staff. 

The purpose of this 15 hour per week position is to provide overall leadership in Christian Education (CE) Ministry, with a specific focus on leadership and development of youth groups and programs, including guidance and resources. To maintain and enhance the Christian Education program for the Lee Church Congregational Community and to support the CE Ministry in attaining the goals of Christian education for pre-kindergarten through senior high school youth. The person in this position should be actively supportive and sensitive to the whole mission of this church and guided by his/her own Christian faith.

Complete job description available on Lee Church website home page


June / July 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:08 AM by Lee Church

Sign up for Secret Pals again this summer!  Send some smiles to one of our Lee Church youth by sending 2-4 postcards to keep in touch during these busy months. Darlene Bernier will have a form for you to fill out, so she can secretly assign you a secret pal before our summer begins. Send fun postcards in June, July and August without fully revealing your identity.  In September we’ll have a special reception at church when our pals get to connect in person. This is a fun tradition started by Sheila Bennion and loved by all participants for many years!
We hope to see you on Children’s Sunday at 9:30 on June 2nd featuring this years theme of “Connecting with God”.  Our enthusiastic students will help lead this fun, annual service with the assistance of our devoted teaching staff. We’ll feature some of our young musicians, actors, and artists sharing special ways they connect with God. The creative morning will be capped off with an informal exhibition of the ways our congregation is artistically inspired. Please bring the imaginative works God had prompted you to create and add them to our display. We’ll enjoy snacks and coffee as we mingle around the creations of our talented Lee Church artisans.
We do not offer Sunday school classes over the summer. I will have age-appropriate activities available in the sanctuary for those young people who do attend during these warmer months. Our Sunday school staff will be focused on selecting and purchasing a new curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year. If you would like to be involved in this process or are interested in assisting with Sunday school next year, please contact Jill Paré or Judy Belanger. We would appreciate your input and contributions. As always, we are open to suggestions about how we can make our Sunday school program work better for your family and our church. Feel free to email us  with ideas to help our youth. 

Trusting in His care,
Jill Paré
Director of Christian Education

May 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:06 AM by Lee Church

Along with you we’ve spent our weeks of lent slowing down to make time and space to connect with God. Using our creativity to make God Boxes, we can write down our concerns and “send” them to God, knowing He will help us. Our glitter jars and 5-4-3-2-1 countdowns relax our busy minds, so we can focus on Jesus. Did you get one of our handmade palms on Palm Sunday to remind to take a rest? The students enjoyed distributing these personal mementos to you. Hopefully our focus from lent will help all of us remember to take time for Jesus in our hectic lives. 

Now that we have had our Easter celebration, the Sunday school year is beginning to wind down. I am really looking forward to the plans we have for our Children’s Sunday service on June 2nd. This year our classes have found several unique ways to reach out to God this through prayer, creativity, and slowing down in our overcrowded lives. Each student will further explore the activity or scripture that meant the most to their personal faith. Students will spend class time in May finding the best way to share these experiences with the congregation on Children’s Sunday. We will also feature an all-age full congregation art show in Fellowship Hall on June 2nd. Please feel free to bring your own creative projects from home to be featured as part of the display. Our Children’s Sunday will be a fun morning to come together and glorify God for his gifts of creativity and faith.

Resting in his care,

 Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education

May 5: Sunday school students help develop Children’s Sunday service

May 12: Sunday school preparations for Children’s Sunday service

May 19th: Sunday school rehearsal for Children’s Sunday service

May 26th: Café Church (may use time to rehearse Children’s Sunday)

June 2: Children’s Sunday service! @9:30 am

June 9: Confirmation service  @9:30 am

June, July, August: Summer Journeys with Jesus at home and beyond...

April 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:04 AM by Lee Church

April 7

Communion Sunday



A Time for Every Matter

Prepare Palm Fronds

for Palm Sunday

April 14

Palm Sunday

Jesus’ Entrance to Jerusalem

Give it a Rest



Holy Week Poster

April 21

Easter Sunday



No Sunday school classes

April 28

Cafe Church



Activity available during service

Spring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner. Our students have joined you in the quest to slow their lives down a bit during lent. I hope they will use their beautiful God boxes at home to send their concerns to God.  These have been a simple way to remember that we are not alone in our troubles and there are some difficulties in our lives that Jesus handles for us. Please help your children use these as another way to connect with God regularly. The glitter jars and countdown books were a hit. My hope is that each student finds at least one of these a useful tool to slow down their lives and spend some time with God. 

We will continue to focus on slowing down through Easter. On April 7th we’ll create special crafts to use the following week during the Palm Sunday processional. We will review the important events of Holy Week in which can feel quite confusing for so much to happen in just one week of the church. The posters they can bring home can help them keep track of the moments that shaped Jesus’ final days at home with you.  Their increased understanding of that fateful week can help them appreciate the joy of Easter even more.


March 2019

posted Mar 1, 2019, 6:48 AM by Lee Church

For the past several weeks, we have found many ways for our Sunday school students to get creative as they explore their faith. You will find some of their art on our CE bulletin board, though many pieces went home to be enjoyed there. Perhaps our creativity will flow more easily with the reminder that God gave us the ability to create and will guide us along the way.

On March 10th, we’ll mark the first Sunday of Lent and begin another examination of God’s word using Worship Design Studios “Reconnecting with an Unhurried God.” During this often somber season, we will slow down and quietly prepare for the celebration of Easter. Below I have shared an overview of our plans for Lent, so you and your family can know what is coming up. We have 3 crafts* planned that will become tools to help us slow down. Students will participate in our Last Supper reenactment which has become a fun way to understand the details of this crucial sacrament. This also helps reinforce the importance of the events of Holy Week. We hope your journey with us through this season provides replenishment and a healthy dose of reflection. Thank you for sharing your family with us.






Faith Theme




March 3

(Scripture Not Yet Determined)

(Theme Not Yet Determined)

Put your worry on hold by giving it to God

*God Box

We would like donations of empty tissue or shoe boxes for this project

March 10




The Right Tempo


*Glitter Jars


March 17


Psalm 23

Preparing a Table

The Last Supper

(Lee Church Sunday school “reenactment”)

March 24

Café Church





Living Light

*5-4-3-2-1 Sensory

Relief Booklet

April 7

Communion Sunday



A Time for Every Matter

Prepare Palm Fronds

for Palm Sunday

April 14

Palm Sunday

Jesus’ Entrance to Jerusalem

Give it a Rest



Holy Week Poster

February 2019

posted Mar 1, 2019, 6:46 AM by Lee Church

 Blessings and Answered Prayers Jars

In January we began a project that will take students to another level from the Prayer Centers they worked on last year. Each student has received their own mason jar, generously donated by Marianne Banks. Students will tint their jars using a simple technique that allows them to personalize each jar. You can see them displayed currently in Classroom 2 along the top of the piano.

We start each class with the opportunity for students to reflect on the previous week, recognizing any blessings or answered prayers experienced by them since last Sunday.  They could be personal blessings, family blessings, or even blessings from afar of which students became aware.They will have a chance to share with the class or a nearby friend, and then write a few words about it on a colorful slip of paper. Each student will add their new paper to the jar. Some made add 2 or more if they would like or have missed a week or 2. Gradually the jars will fill with bright reminders throughout the year.

We will look through our own jars occasionally, at least in late spring as we finish the school year. I would love to see families continue this activity through the summer. Jars will be available to fill here in the church. We will return to our jars weekly in the fall and take another opportunity to read through our blessings at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020. This project is a simple, though extended, way to consciously recognize the many times God answers our prayers and fills our lives with blessings. Perhaps you’ll want to create a family jar at home for everyone to enjoy.

Creating in the Classroom

As our congregation explores creative approaches to worship this season, we will be delving into our artistic sides in the classroom with you. There are several small projects that will help students look at our creator in new ways while exploring their own imaginations through faith. I will post some of their work on our CE bulletin board.  love to have some of our older students work on a special project that will connect with everyone’s study.

* If you have an interest or special ability with art, we would really benefit from some extra adults in our classes during these projects. There will be lots of busy, creative hands would enjoy from more adult guidance either with the elementary class or the more advanced middle/high school project. This would be a short commitment just until Lent begins.


Counting my blessings,

Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education

January 2019

posted Jan 4, 2019, 10:13 AM by Lee Church

We hope you enjoyed all the festivities of December that helped us prepare for and celebrate Christmas. Judy Belanger and her crew made our gingerbread nativities into the joyful event so many of us look forward to every year!  You can see from the looks on everyone’s face that this is serious fun for our Sunday school students. 
Our Living Nativity included animals and children from throughout our community once again. With their help and the assistance of many adults, Lee Church brought the wonder of the first Christmas to our little NH town once again. 
Blessings abound,
Jill Paré
Director of Christian Education

December 2018

posted Jan 4, 2019, 10:12 AM by Lee Church

Christian Education Events for December


Sunday, December 2nd

9:30am Service- Gingerbread Nativities with Sunday school classes

Jill begins to assign roles for upcoming Living Nativity

Sunday, December 9th

9:30am Service--Rehearsal for Living Nativity during Sunday school classes

followed by costume fittings

1:30pm--Living Nativity Performance on front lawn of Lee Church Congregational

Join us to sing along with this magical tradition

Then come inside to Fellowship Hall for our cookie and cocoa reception

Sunday, December 16th

9:30 am service--Special advent activity during Sunday school classes

(1:30pm--Weather postponement date for Living Nativity)

Sunday, December 23

9:30 am service--Special advent activity during Sunday school classes


Monday, December 24

4:30pm Family Christmas Eve service

Featuring performances by Christmas Sunday School Choir  and Youth Bell Choir

 6:30pm and 8:00pm Christmas Eve services

Featuring Lee Church Choir and Senior Bell Choir


Sunday, December 30

9:30am Service: multi-generational Café Church 

Children’s activity available, no Sunday school Classes



*We need several extra adult helpers for the Gingerbread Nativities and the Living Nativity. Please email Jill at to let us know you can be there. Being a part of these traditions will become some of your favorite Christmas memories.


May you have a bright Christmas season,


Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education


November 2018

posted Nov 2, 2018, 9:52 AM by Lee Church

Our Sunday school students are exploring the use of prayer through the lens of our “I Will Be With You We” theme. We have used the scriptures from the lectionary to focus on the many ways prayer touches our lives and helps us touch the lives of others.


 We have prepared prayer stations to pray for people who are sick, affected by natural disasters and those who help them. Students are also learning how prayer can help us stay close to God despite the many distractions our lives present. I’ve particularly enjoyed the mornings when some of our older students where present to assist the elementary students. I hope this cooperation continues to expand as we complete more prayer stations this month.


We’ll also be ready to share some of these prayer stations with the rest of the congregation. Take a few moments to experience prayer as we have


through creating our prayer stations. Perhaps the perspective of our youth will help you reach God in ways you have never considered.


Since key members of our teaching staff have not been able to return this year, we really need some more adult and teen help. While I love stepping back into the classroom to help teach, it is difficult to meet the administrative needs at the same time. Our students would have a much more rewarding experience if our teaching staff grows along with them. Please consider sharing your time and talents with our youth whenever you are able.


Giving thanks to God,

Jill Paré, Director of Christian Education


October 2018

posted Nov 2, 2018, 9:51 AM by Lee Church

Sunday School News


This year our classes will create multi-faceted projects that support their learning in Sunday school. We will continue to use the same themes and scripture that the congregation examines in the sanctuary. Most  students understand biblical messages more thoroughly when we relate them to their personal lives in our modern world. Hands-on projects will allow them to interact with the lessons in active, multi-sensory ways.


Since our youth are heavily committed outside our congregations, the projects will also help provide more continuity for those who can’t attend regularly.  We will structure activities that allow for multi-age groups to work together, utilizing their strengths and stretching their comfort zones. I am hoping this encourages more interactions among the various ages of our students. Yes, our older students may take some time to adapt to this approach, but our numbers and space require this format. Their experience, knowledge, and perspective will be wonderful for our younger students. As classroom leaders, the older students will gain stronger comprehension and confidence with their own spiritual journey. With open minds, I see potential for some very enriching experiences and relationships.


This fall our theme comes from the song, I Will Be With You. Sunday school classes will use key lyrics from the song to examine prayer. We will learn about different ways to pray. We will learn to pray about several specific topics of concern or praise. Students will help create prayer stations that we will use together as a congregation. We have also transformed our bulletin board into a prayer wall where all of us can share prayers with one another over the next few months.


A prayer station is an interactive way for us to speak with God. Most of the stations our classes create will focus on a particular topic type of prayer. Our first prayer station focuses on praying for the sick. While praying, one may be asked to look at images, listen to a song, or physically add an item to the prayer station. I believe they will provide important reminders to us that prayer does not require eloquent language or kneeling posture. God simply wants us to interact with him and build a relationship with him that fits us personally.


We hope you discover some new ways to communicate with God and take a few moments to talk with our students about the experiences they have created for us.

Please contact me or Judy Belanger if you can help support our teaching staff. We have lost some long-time instructors this year. Even once or twice a month will be a huge help. I am now doing much of the instruction, but do need more adults to support our numbers.It will be wonderful for our young people to witness our prayer wall fill up with prayers each time they step into fellowship hall. Let’s share our love of Jesus as a community that prays together.



Jill Paré, Director of Christian Education


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